ORB Superfast

ORB prints on a fast spinning disc,
like a vinyl record.

It can print designs up to 10x faster than current 3D printers.

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ORB Superfast Methods

Spinning Disc

Much like a record player, the disc spins while the extruder moves over it. By rotating at high velocity, it allows objects to print much faster.


Multiple heater elements are stacked on top of each other with a small air gap. By heating incrementally, fast-moving plastic can travel more efficiently.

Magnetic Material

Custom plastic filament contains magnetic material throughout that allows it to cling to the electromagnetic spinning disc.
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ORB Modules

modules | the building blocks of ORB

You can add, remove, or swap Modules to change your 3D printing experience.

ORB is based on Arduino, so you can create your own Modules!

ORB Code

ORB Code is a human-readable file that tells ORB how to make a specific creation.

See the comparison: ORB Code vs GCode

ORB is coming soon.

This website is a sneak preview.
We look forward to sharing more in the coming months.